An Introduction of Sorts


As a kid I remember the watching, with unbreakable attention, the early days of the food network; I was taken aback by all that you could do with food and the techniques behind it. When Good Eats came on the scene, it immediately became a favorite; learning the reasons behind why things happen just enhanced my love of cooking. When not entranced by the TV I would pursue my parents cookbooks and come up with fake menus of what I would serve if I were to have a restaurant or cook for my family. I even took my love of food as far as organizing and cooking a dinner of Tomato prepared many different ways for my whole family.

As I grew older my love of cooking and food never faltered. While attending college in Portland, Oregon my roommate and I would go on hour long bus rides, transferring multiple times to get to some restaurant we wanted to try. We would cook ourselves dinner after our classes that ended close to 10pm not caring we were eating at midnight. Without having ever attempting it before we volunteered to host Thanksgiving for our friends and I roasted a Turkey for the first time with out even flinching at the thought and I came out beautifully. We loved eating and outside of school and work that is what we occupied our time with.

But as all things must college came to an end and I moved to New York City in search of work and to live the dream. And in moving to New York and a chance trip to Maine, for work (of all random places), my love affair with food has reached a fever pitch. The wide variety of cuisines and high quality restaurants only a train ride away has forever changed my outlook on food. And with this blog I hope to in some way catalog and capture my adventures in the kitchen and eating out in this great city that I live in and abroad.

And while I may be late to the foodie party I haven’t been around long enough to get here any sooner, so please join me on my adventures in this great big world of food.

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