Bread Galore

Over this past weekend I went on a bit of a bread making spree and made two different breads. The first one was a pretty standard rye bread and the other was a bit of an experiment making falafel flavored bread. Earlier in the week I had randomly bought some Garbanzo Bean Flour with out any idea what I was going to do so when I decided to make the Rye bread the idea came to me to make a Falafel flavored bread. I used the spices typically used in a falafel to spice the bread, I felt that it needed a bit more spice to really make the falafel flavor come through. Next time I will tweak my spicing mix I added in to make the flavors pop a bit more. All in all though both breads were very good and easy to make.

To make both breads I used the basic ratios and instructions in the book Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking. I ended up using the Rye bread to make a delicious deli style beef brisket sandwich that I will post more about later this week.


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One thought on “Bread Galore

  1. […] I also picked up some rye flour for another random whim to make bread which I talk about in my Bread Galore […]

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