English Muffin Time

English Muffin_001

I have always loved english muffins, they are a staple of my breakfast routine but I never thought about making them until I started seeing a bunch of different recipes and posts on tastespotting and foodgawker. I figured if I make my own bread why don’t I make my favorite breakfast counterpart. After much perusal of recipes I finally decided upon making them using this recipe from Little B Cooks as my guide, I only slightly modified the recipe by switching out some of the all purpose flour for rye flour since I had it around the house. As I usually buy whole wheat muffins I figured this was a good way to add a nuttiness with the flour that I had on hand since at the time I did not have any whole wheat flour on hand. On my first attempt the muffins ended up being quite large, so when I decided to make them again this week I was careful to make them smaller. On my attempt to make them this week ,due to rushing in making them and not following my instincts, they came out a bit doughy. The batter was too wet but since it was late at night my normal instinct to add more flour decided not to show up for the party and I proceeded as they were. So when I made them and cooked them they were still doughy… It was quite a fail but it was just another lesson in not rushing when cooking and don’t try to make bread at night….

English Muffins

Regardless of my fail on my second batch of muffins I still made a great breakfast sandwich, which is one of my favorite preparations of an english muffin. With my first muffins I made a fabulous smoked salmon and fried egg sandwich, which I must say there is nothing better than a breakfast sandwich on home made bread. With this most recent doughy batch, I extra toasted the muffin and made just a simple fried egg and spinach sandwich which was still good even if a bit chewy. Of course a great simpler preparation is to toast the muffin and serve with butter and preserves or a nice Grapefruit or Lemon curd (my favorite thing to make with left over egg yolks from Macaron making).

English Muffins

All in all I think English Muffin making is going to slowly become a bigger part of my weekend cooking routine so that I have the time to make them properly and then I can have them for breakfast all week.

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