4th of July Travels: Portland Oregon

Picture Postcard View of Mount Hood over Portland

For this long Forth of July weekend i took a trip out to one of my favorite places Portland Oregon. I went to school in Portland and since then Portland had become one of my favorite cities, Maybe its because of how well I know the city or maybe it is just because it is an awesome-ly quirky city. For whatever reason it has been almost a year and a half since I have been back which is crazy to me. I mean I have been back to Europe twice in that time and Portland is cheaper to visit although the flight is not necessarily shorter.

I am sure at this point most people have either seen the show Portlandia or at least heard of it and every time i bring up Portland the first question is always “Is it really like Portlandia?” and to that my answer is yes and no. Of course the show is blown out of proportion and makes fun of places like Williamsburg Brooklyn, Austin TX, and other such hipster enclaves in the skits but it certain ways Portland is that silly.

NWDavis Everett 4.22.08

Portland is a glorious city where almost anything goes. If you have a weird interest that you think no one else on the planet is into I bet you that there is a group of people in Portland who are avidly into whatever it is. And the thing is Portland has kind of always been this way, before ‘Hipster’ was a real term people cared about craft beers, local food, and homeopathic medicine. Portland is its own little world of awesome tucked away in the gloriously beautiful Paciftic Northwest and every time I come back I wonder to my self why did I leave?

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