Rustic Summer Tomato Harissa Pizza ‘Tart’

Tomato Pizza 'Tart'What is more quintessentially summer than the tomato. Nothing compares to that fresh juicy fruit straight from the vine, sun ripened and delicious. When tomatoes are in season I love to not only just eat them fresh but use them in absolutely every bit of cooking I can which is where this pizza ‘tart’ came about. My local farmers market had some lovely looking grape tomatoes available that I thought would be perfect on a summer pizza.

As I was going to be using tomatoes as the topping I thought the spice of Harissa would be great as the ‘sauce’ and ricotta would be great to help balance the heat of the cheese and be a mild flavor addition to the mix.

Tomato Pizza 'Tart'


Makes 2 Pizza ‘Tarts’

I have also posted this recipe on Food 52 if you want the easier to print version!

1/2 cup Harissa; you can use store bought or follow my recipe here

1/2 cup Ricotta

1 cup Sliced tomatoes (I used grape)

1 recipe of the below Chickpea Pizza Dough prepared onto 2 baking sheets per the recipe

Pepper to Taste

Salt to Taste

Any Finishing Salt that you enjoy

Olive Oil for brushing the crust


As per the below recipe preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

On each pizza spread out about half of the harissa stopping about 1″ from the edge of the crust

On top of the Harissa spread out half of the ricotta on each pizza

Lightly salt and pepper the ricotta

Lay out your sliced tomatoes on top of the ricotta, if you want to can lay them out in a nice pattern or just throw them on, whichever works for you

Fold over the portion of the dough with out the harissa and ricotta on top of the tomatoes and ricotta to make a rustic tart

Salt and pepper the tomatoes and lightly brush the crust with olive oil

Cook each pizza ‘tart’ for about 20-25 minutes until lightly brown

Once the pizza ‘tart’ is done finish with a little bit of your finishing salt and cut into pieces and serve!

Makes 2 Medium Pizza Crusts
For this pizza dough I adapted my favorite beer pizza crust recipe from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures by Jeanne Lemlin to include some chickpea flour for some extra depth and texture but you can just sub it for AP flour if you wish4 ounces Garbanzo Bean/ Chick Pea Flour (about 1 cup)8 ounces All purpose flour (about 2 cups) + some for dusting1 tablespoon Baking Powder12 ounces Beer (I used a Stella Artois but any light beer is good)

1/2 teaspoon Salt

Cornmeal for Dusting the Pans

2 Baking Sheets Tomato Pizza 'Tart'TO PREPARE

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees

In a large bowl mix together all the dry ingredients for the Pizza

Add in the beer to the mix and mix well.

This dough will be really sticky, depending on the humidity where you are you might need to add more flour to thicken the dough up a bit.

Dust 2 metal sheet pans with cornmeal and split your dough in half

Take one half of your dough and one pan and roll/ pat our your dough into a rustic pizza shape on your pan, flour as needed

Repeat with the the above with the second pan and half of the dough

Spread out your toppings and sauce as you wish Cook for about 20- 25 min until the crust starts to turn light brown

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