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Four Score and Seven…Oh Wait Just 4 Years

My New View at night
It feels like a life time since I moved to New York City but in reality it has only been 4 years and today marks that anniversary…. Also as a surprise it happens to be the one year anniversary of this blog. I did not realize I started it on my moving to New York anniversary last year but while looking through my archive I noticed it this past weekend…
.... Not Even a Smoking Section
Moving to NYC was a big, huge, monumental change in my life and after all this time here I feel like I still have so much to do yet at the same time I long for some change of scenery. We will see where this next year takes me but what I know I will continue with is this blog. In starting it I created a reason to cook new things all the time and to improve my skills and while I have been a bit sporadic in my posting, mostly due to lack of good photos and the will to write, it has defiantly influenced my cooking and eating for the better. When I am out I have been trying new things and at home I have been trying to eat more healthy and make more interesting food… In this upcoming year I plan on continuing to do the same and sharing as much as I can here.

Just for a bit of fun I thought I should share my favorite Gratuitous Photo Photos from the past year


Granola Bars


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DOCUMERICA: Images from the US National Archive

Through a random link a friend posted on facebook I found this endless treasure trove of amazing images from the 1970’s funded by the EPA called Documerica “Back in the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency sent over 70 photographers to all 50 states in order to document the environmental concerns of the regions. The EPA had only just formed in 1970, and the interest in the state of the environment was high.”(Allison Meyer; Hyperallergetic). You can find the series on the U.S. National Archive Flickr Page. Below are some cool food related shots but really the whole series is fantastic and such a time capsule, you can check out the highlights in this set here.
Homemade Bread and Sweet Rolls Are Made Daily by Jim Tillman of Tillman's Bakery...
Homemade Bread and Sweet Rolls Are Made Daily by Jim Tillman of Tillman's Bakery...
Grain harvester in the Palo Verde Valley. The field lies 200 yards from the Colorado River, May 1972
Livestock on EPA's experimental farm, May 1972
Marine Life Taken From Water near the P.H. Robinson Generating Plant Will Be Studied for the Effects of Thermal Pollution, 07/1972
Fruits and Flowers at the Outdoor Market in Haymarket Square 05/1973

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