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Spring Time Weekend Grooves

Beach and water

With Spring here more or less I thought I would share the playlist I made and have been grooving to over the past week.

Check out the playlist APRIL 2013 on Spotify!

1. Abra Cadaver ; The Hives

2. Get Free; The Vines

3. Fiction Romance; Buzzcocks

4. Teenage Disease; Black Rebel Motorcycle

5. No Fun; The Stooges

6. Veni Vidi Vici; Black Lips

7. Where Eagles Have Been; Wolfmother

8. Slow Cruel Hands Of Time; Band of Horses

9. No Time; The Heavy

10. West Coast; Coconut Records

11. Spiderwebs; No Doubt

12. Between Love & Hate; The Strokes

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Spring Interlude


Nothing beats the warm breeze on your face from that first real spring day. The sun shining down instantly washing away the cold and grey of the winter months.


The desire to be outside grows and grows making you anxious and antsy all day to leave the walls which confine you. Your concentration wanes until you finally step outside again to soak in all the spring time glory.

Chinese Gardens

Spring has sprung and hopefully it is here to stay….

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