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Gratuitous Food Photos: Radio Silence Edition Sept 25, 2013

Life gets hectic life gets busy, one still cooks and photographs but does not have time to write.  Just enjoy the beauty enjoy the food and stay tuned for some recipes and such in the near future (real life willing).

Gratuitous food photos

Farmers Market Produce; Brooklyn NY

Gratuitous food photos

Burnt Shiro Miso

Gratuitous food photos

Fried Egg and Farmers Market Fresh Tomato Sandwich

Roasted chicken
Gratuitous food photos
Gratuitous food photosRoast Chicken

(seriously so easy to make I followed the basics from Ruhlman’s Twenty)

Apple crisp

Apple Crisp

(Its Fall need I say more?)

Gratuitous food photosRoasted Eggplant

Gratuitous food photosRoasted Eggplant Dip

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