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A New York Moment

Sometime something so incredibly cool and unbelievable happens that you are still shocked hours or days later that it happened. NYC can bring a lot of these moments but by far this has been the most amazingly cool thing to happen that I am still in shock. What happened you say… Banksy ‘tagged’ (for lack of a better word) my apt building as part of his NY residency series! I am stillĀ  dumbfounded that my random building in my strange neighborhood in Brooklyn was his choice for a piece.

Banksy: Better Out Than In NYC

Banksy: Better Out Than In NYC

I also love the fact the text says “Value is Arbitrary” something that truly resonates with me.

bed-stuy-03-sized-private Photo via Banksy NY

BED-STUY-02.SIZED-privatePhoto via Banksy NY

Sometimes life is just grand and you have to enjoy the weird incidences that happen. Thanks NYC for reminding me.

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Eating outPig and Khao; Lower East Side, NYC

bahn xeo & sizzling corned beef hash

Eating outMomofuku Noodle Bar; East Village, NYC

momofuku ramen & spicy miso ramen

UntitledFive Leaves; Brooklyn, NY

Burger w/ Blue Cheese + ambiance photo


Dear Bushwick; Brooklyn, NY

baked salt cod & potato pie +the full english

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DOCUMERICA: Images from the US National Archive

Through a random link a friend posted on facebook I found this endless treasure trove of amazing images from the 1970’s funded by the EPA called Documerica “Back in the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency sent over 70 photographers to all 50 states in order to document the environmental concerns of the regions. The EPA had only just formed in 1970, and the interest in the state of the environment was high.”(Allison Meyer; Hyperallergetic). You can find the series on the U.S. National Archive Flickr Page. Below are some cool food related shots but really the whole series is fantastic and such a time capsule, you can check out the highlights in this set here.
Homemade Bread and Sweet Rolls Are Made Daily by Jim Tillman of Tillman's Bakery...
Homemade Bread and Sweet Rolls Are Made Daily by Jim Tillman of Tillman's Bakery...
Grain harvester in the Palo Verde Valley. The field lies 200 yards from the Colorado River, May 1972
Livestock on EPA's experimental farm, May 1972
Marine Life Taken From Water near the P.H. Robinson Generating Plant Will Be Studied for the Effects of Thermal Pollution, 07/1972
Fruits and Flowers at the Outdoor Market in Haymarket Square 05/1973

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